Vultur Gryphus

Vultur Gryphus

El Giro Colectivo Artístico / Colombia
University of Caldas
[email protected]

The guardian of the Andean Mountains flaps his wings between frailejones, chusquea, cortadeira, and it greets its siblings tapir, spectacled bear and puma. One day is like a lifetime, since it birth in the egg until death in the top of the snowy mountains. The cold atmosphere of the moor is the home of this feathered giant: the Condor, nowadays, the Condors are in danger of extinction, due to the decrease of their habit. The Moors, the Condor’s house, are considered the vital place for the environment. They are like a reserves and water filters, and they work a sponges that retain CO2, take care of global warming.

Vultur Gryphus is a proposal of dramatic multimedia dance by El Giro Artistic Collective; this work is a soundscape of “El Páramo de Letras” in Colombia with the performance about the life of Andean Condor.

The landscape of the moor is created through electronic music and mobile image; the typical sounds of the Quena, Charango and Tambora are mixed with the electronic music; the video and live image mix (VJ) create the visual environment where the Condor life.