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The Game of Dobble Debate: Play, Difference, and Coexistence

The Game of Dobble Debate: Play, Difference, and Coexistence

Lynne Heller, Nina Czegledy, Judith Doyle, Anna Lew and Martin Shook / Canada
OCAD University

The Game of Dobble Debate: Play, Difference, and Coexistence is a research-creation project that investigates learning through design iteration, humor and play in the form of a card game, in order to encourage discussions about difference. Differing abilities are traditionally designated as disabilities but they could also be extraordinary ability, such as synesthesia. In the last decade, the role of game as a catalyst became foregrounded in various fields particularly in education and healthcare. This workshop aims to elucidate the difference and difficulties that is elicited through using play and humor rather than traditional play strategies. The Dobble Debate concept and practice was developed at OCAD University in Toronto.

In addition to practice tests and successful introductory local workshops it was also presented at Transitio_MX06, Mexico City, the 17th Annual Convention of the Media Ecology Association 2016, Bologna Italy, and Multimedia, Cognition, – Art Therapy 2016 in Guanajuato, Mexico. Our aim is to improve the literacy of our workshop participants through this active participation creating a broader awareness. This will eventually contribute to grassroots participation in policy making. The goal is to create a deeper and more informed understanding and concern for different abilities – hopefully effecting positive societal change.