Jérémy Pouilloux / France
La Générale de Production

jeremy@lageneraledeproduction.com, http://lageneraledeproduction.com

SPOONS is an interactive experience taking place in the pop-surrealistic world of illustrator Nicolas Barrome. Immerged in a peculiar universe, SPOON is a first-person point of view experience. It embarks the “spect-actor” on a puzzling journey in a world of disproportion and symbolism in which they are welcomed to explore its different aspects through the modification of both axis of symmetry and scale.

Beyond the usual movements – forward, back, left, right, jump – the user can apply a mirror effect on the camera to reverse their perception of the environment. They can change their own size to embody a little mouse sneaking into the wall cracks as well as a giant sensing space as a tiny snowball.

Those changes of perspective are at the heart of the narrative. Pop and sweet at the beginning, the experience gradually reveals a darker and seedier universe. That same contrast is central in Barrome’s work in which cuteness and goriness border on each other and complement one another.