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Nynke Tromp

Nynke Tromp


Nynke Tromp works as an Assistant Professor Social Design & Behaviour Change at the department of Industrial Design, Delft University of Technology. After her PhD and working as a social designer in practice at Reframing Studio, she now continues her study to the hidden power of design to counteract social problems. Nynke is also a member of ‘Redesigning Politics’, a creative think tank aiming for redesigning thinking, institutes, structures and interaction in the field of politics.

Nynke is intrigued by how products can change behaviour without people being aware of it. In her view, this implicit influence does not only imply a serious responsibility for designers, it also offers a powerful means to support desired behavioural change. In her research she aims to develop the knowledge for designers to design this influence in order to facilitate pro-social behavior. This knowledge allows designers to contribute in counteracting the pressing social problems we face today, like obesity, depletion of resources, or immigration issues.