Notes about experimental film and video-art A perspective of filmmaking between ‘production effects’

Notes about experimental film and video-art. A perspective of  filmmaking between ‘production effects’

Carlos Mauricio Gómez / Colombia
Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Since the emergence of the seventh art has felt the need to explore even beyond what already ‘established’ to deepen the characteristics of an emerging new film, away from mercantilist and commercial purpose that this was coming permeating from Hollywood; It is so precisely as theoreticians, artists and experimenters in film managed to come up with other speech, accepted and valid from an audiovisual context. It can be stated that the experimental film and video art has not been made to understand, but from a viewpoint of subjective judgment within a given space and time, is unable to reach a result as such, but the process itself, the ideas they are covering what is observed; thus, an infinite range of views and interpretations is obtained.