Manipulated States of Consciousness: An Artistic Exploration of Perception, Sensation and Immersion

Josefin Lindebrink

HABITAT explores themes of development as both a solitary and communal process. Participants lie alone in a cocoon like structure, cut off from outside stimuli. The cocoon vibrates gently in response to biofeedback from its occupant, creating a nurturing sense of calmness when the occupant rests peacefully, and likewise responding with dissonance when the occupant is restless.

As other participants occupy their own cocoons, they are added to the others’ biofeedback, creating a temporary hive identity. In this state, HABITAT will adapt to the participants, creating a restful or tense whole from the sum of its parts.

Growth is both a solitary and communal process. Internally, we each work towards some ideal but our progress is conditioned by the people around us. From interconnected individuals, each with their own will and purpose, society arises and an emergent phenomena of individual action. Society then moves towards its own ideal, shaping the people it is comprised of and directing the individual action it arose from.