Emotional Landscapes

Emotional Landscapes

Net Art
Rodrigo Moreira / Brasil

«Emotional Landscapes» is a fictional travel diary about places chosen randomly on the world map when it is overlaid by a digitally generated image during a working day.

Using the software Iographica, I tracked the movement of my mouse during the work period. Soon after, I overlaid the resulting image on the world map identifying the points with most intense activity. At each point, marked on Google Maps, I create a brief story about that place based on simple research on the Internet for pictures and general information.

In «Emotional Landscapes» I create relationships that begin in the virtual space aiming to understand a bit better the real and physical world: my travel diary is an experiment in order to understand those places where I can only go through the Internet and its tools. In that context, what would be the difference between the real and the virtual world?

In each destination I am writing a story of inapprehensible colors and unlikely sensations – while I plan my next trip.