EDEN – Ethical Durable Ecology Nature

EDEN – Ethical Durable Ecology Nature

Olga Kisseleva / France

Working on the European Elm, endangered species since 80s, Olga Kisseleva has created the EDEN project. The EDEN project is supported by the Sorbonne University (Paris), Tsinghua University (Beijing) and by Orange, the main telecom company in France. It gathers a network of researchers worldwide, in France, Brazil, China and Russia.

EDEN is a new kind of organic network based on vegetal medium. Vegetal species can communicate with it’s environment. They use different kinds of molecular emission. The communication can be established between trees of the same specie, but it can also be addressed to a different organism: insect, or animal, including human. This aptitude helps trees to optimize their vital mechanisms and to protect themselves from potentials aggressors.

EDEN, realized in collaboration with the Orange Telecom company transforms this encrypted communication into a comprehensive and open network. The trees included into the project can talk to humans trough Internet and let them know about any danger which could be perceived by vegetal before we knew about it. The project could be adapted in Colombia for one of the local endangered species.