Cogito Ergo Sum

Cogito Ergo Sum 

Grefory Lasserre – Anais Met Dan Ancxt / France

This interactive artwork is composed of a salt skull and a quadriphonic headphone. The skull is made of several interactive zones which produce sounds with electrostatic contact of the visitor. The spectator puts the headphone in order to explore with his hands the different zones of the salt skull. This intimist staging generates a symbolic mirror between the salt skull and the head of the visitor.

The positioning of the hands over the different areas of the work affects the quadraphonic sound spatialization. The quality of gestures, the intensity of contacts and electrostatic energies reveal and change the various polyphonic sound textures associated with each of the areas of the soundscape. It offers a sound exploration, meditative and intuitive of this terra incognita that contains our thought.

This sculpture is made of salt, material both hard, precious, fragile and porous. Salt is one of the indispensable components of the human body, found inside bones, blood or cells as well. It is not only a part of our internal biological landscape but also landscapes that surround us : in its form strong and rocky, or liquid, diluted in the sea. Containing and content are thus mirrored in that skull of salt.