Book lunch: El misterio del Kirma, quimbayas hoy

Book lunch: El misterio del Kirma, quimbayas hoy

Guillermo Rendón and Anielka María Gelemur / Colombia

Part I – Guillermo Rendón G.

Etnohistoria and Orígenes

Territorialidad: The Virrey – A reliable document.

Linguística: General principles – Phonetics – Lexical – Grammatical Functions.

Los Números: Cardinal – ordinal – operational structure – archaeological and archaeolinguistic supports.

Dioses de la Antigüedad y del Presente: From totem to the only God – Tinarkama, practice of collective introspection.

Organización del Cabildo: dignitaries – councils, meetings – Reafirmación: Quimbaya, an active society, a living culture and its current strengthening.

Part II – Anielka Ma. Gelemur

Culto Matriarcal: Sinifaná, the moon goddess – lunar calendar – Symbols of the periods that form the lunar cycle – the four sacred nights. The Taixaraka, introspection, orientation and balance. The five tutelary hills. The orphic interpretation – methodological models The Quimbaya diet, millennial formulas. Housing settlement. The Quimbaya right. The naurikirma, Mario Guerrero Guerrero – Mario Guerrero Cañas, illustrator of the book – Quimbaya visual magic.