Anatomía para el Movimiento: Línea 3

Anatomía para el Movimiento: Línea 3

Mónica Bate Vidal / Chile
Universidad de Chile, Fundación Flores

Anatomía para el movimiento: línea 3 is a project where you can see wire that has the characteristic of being composed of two materials (Niquel and Titanium) that react differently when they are exposed to a certain temperature. This makes that this object, called generically Muscle Wire, appears to be an object gifted with life that twists itself when stimulated with electricity as if it was a little Frankenstein.

The act of observation has become scarce in this fast-paced world. In Anatomía para el movimiento, the author turns this wire in an observation subject, in the same way that the scientists comtemplate a flower, an animal, a part of the body or any natural phenomena; to then translate these observations to a medium that can make that act (the observation) to last through illustrations.

What builds the installation of Anatomía para el movimiento: línea 3, are then modules that refer to the representation (illustrations / drawings) and to what is represented (Muscle Wire), where the drawing translates time into space (sequence).