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        1 junio, 2017

        Art and Design with Free Software

        Valessio Brito / Brazil

        A presentation and basic principles for digital art production and design using Free Software. Being a first part on GIMP (www.gimp.org), software for bitmap editing alternative to Photoshop and in the second part a presentation of Inkscape (www.inkscape.org), software for vector editing, alternative to Ilustra.
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        1 junio, 2017

        Villages of the world workshop, an aesthetic technological mediation of identities and territories

        Sebastian Gonzalez, Paola Fernanda Lopez, Paola Cuartas, Sebastian Lopez / Colombia
        Estratosfera Visual Collective

        The workshop "Villages of the world", a technological aesthetic mediation of identities and territories, consists of the creation of a video installation based on the collective construction of contents based on identity, memory and heritage. The video installation seeks to generate new ways for the habitants of the San José sector of the city of Manizales, Caldas, Colombia (known for their problems of territorial organization) to relate to each other and to their territory through technological mediation, collective construction and participatory approach to community social empowerment.
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        1 junio, 2017

        Domains, Publics and Access. WikiSprint for a Media Archaeology of the Present

        Paz Sastre and Aisel Wicab / Mexico
        Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana

        Domains, publics and access is an ongoing research in media archaeology of the present. The core of the research is a wiki where everybody can collaborate with cataloguing, preserving and documenting projects that offer access for the general public to the domains of art, culture, science, economics, politics and technology. The collection brings together projects that have emerged in different countries from the second half of the 20th century to the present day related to open access, open content, open government, open science, open design, open education, open spectrum, citizen journalism, citizen science, collaborative economy, commons, co-ops, crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, cryptocurrencies, DIY, free software, free culture, community currencies, solidarity economy, grassroots media, p2p, piracy, tactical media, etc. The main goal is to preserve the memory of projects that appear and disappear day by day in different countries using the online tools such as Wayback Machine and MediaWiki. The reason for this is that historically the limits of access have never been stable and will continue to change but we are losing the traces of the present for future generations without even noticing it.
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        1 junio, 2017

        Building Virtual Reality Worlds using Three.js/WebVR

        Mateusz “marpi" Marcinowski / USA
        Obscura Digital

        Three.js is a creative coding javascript library designed for making 3D graphics in the browser. In Three.js we will start with a simple cube, like a building block, and evolve it step by step into a personal living environment you can step inside and share with others using Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.
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        1 junio, 2017

        MetaMediaLab: Ontohacking & Metagaming in the Algoricene

        Jaime Del Val / Spain
        Reverso – Metabody

        Metamedialab is a citizen lab for exploring and elaborating minor perceptions, a laboratory of research into the ways in which media shape societies not so much at the level of content but of their very structures, particularly in terms of how they organise perception. This is what we will call metamedia: the thinking of the very frameworks and perceptual structures mobilised by media. Ontohacking implies a critical reinvention of such structures, which alters the way bodies move, relate and constitute social ecologies.
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        1 junio, 2017

        EDEN - Ethical Durable Ecology Nature

        Olga Kisseleva / France

        Working on the European Elm, endangered species since 80s, Olga Kisseleva has created the EDEN project. The EDEN project is supported by the Sorbonne University (Paris), Tsinghua University (Beijing) and by Orange, the main telecom company in France. It gathers a network of researchers worldwide, in France, Brazil, China and Russia.
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        1 junio, 2017

        Interactive Performances for Dance, Sound and Biosignals

        Javier Jaimovich, Francisca Morand / Chile
        Departamento de Sonido - Universidad de Chile

        This workshop will focus on understanding the meaning and possibilities of different physiological signals (biosignals) and the technologies available to measure them. We will demonstrate the use of different biosensors and discuss the creative methods used in our work at Emovere project, which focuses on developing interactive dance performances that utilize biosignals to amplify, understand and connect with the internal functions of the human body. We use physiological signals such as electromyography (EMG), electrocardiography (ECG) and electrodermal activity (EDA) as materials that access an intimate and – usually – inaccessible biological dimension that is in constant change, affected by external and internal stimuli.
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        1 junio, 2017

        Touch designers for creative performances

        Mathieu Le Sourd / Canada

        Digital media offer a wide range of possibilities to bring out the relationship between sound and image, it allows music to be experienced as a total audiovisual experience. From 360° projections, mapping or light architecture, multimedia artist, Maotik, has experienced the art of sublime live music through the image and light.