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(W3) Thinking with’ care in PD: Toward generating research programs and practices to foster ‘participations otherwise'

Juan Salamanca, Amanda Geppert

June 15 (EN/ES/~PO)


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In this hands-on, full-day, exploratory workshop we invite participants to collectively map the ‘matters of care’ that participatory design (PD) researchers and practitioners are presently prioritizing and the methodologies they employ to generate care. In the context of ‘participations otherwise,’ the resulting collaborative cartography will help us to begin to understand (1) the issues and ways the PD community is caring for ‘neglected things’; and (2) the degree to which methodological approaches support the tenets of PD processes: having a say (not just a voice), mutual learning, and co-realization. To build the maps, participants will use and customize the Responsible Innovation Model, an interactive visualization developed by Salamanca, Briggs & Mercer, that will allow them to describe potential, multidimensional design research programs concerned with generating care. We intend to release a revised and extended interactive model to the PD community, and the design community at-large, as an open tool for embracing the ethos of care.

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