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(W2) Multi-Cultural Human-Drone Interaction Workshop

Jessica R. Cauchard, Anna Wojciechowska, Andres Lucero

June 15 (EN)


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This hands-on workshop brings together researchers and practitioners to discuss the cultural aspects of Human-Drone Interaction design. An increasing body of work shows that the one-fits-all model of interaction might be obsolete, especially when considering natural interactions where people use gesture and voice that are culturally dependent. In the first part of the workshop, each attendee will present their accepted position paper on the topic. As a group, we will discuss ideas around social drone designs and leverage everyone’s expertise to discuss cultural aspects when designing effective and enjoyable interactions. We encourage the exchange of research results and ideas for future research attempts. The second part of the workshop will be a hands-on activity involving a participatory design task for human-drone interaction. The workshop goal is to develop a road-map for cross cultural interactions with drones.

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