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(W11) The Underlying Paths of Participation

Catalina Alzate

June 16 (EN/ES)


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Participation seems to be implicit in our work. But what does it really mean? In this workshop we will explore different meanings of participation and design from varied lived experiences of students and practitioners, by shifting the attention from engagement with communities, to the underlying paths of participation, that is, the inward spaces of designers and researchers. The process will bridge knowledge in the creative practices with feminist research and action, specifically focusing on notions of reflexivity and positionality. 

Before the session, participants will begin the reflection process and materialize their ideas by crafting a few book pages. During the online workshop, we will discuss our experiences, expand the conversation, and sketch unstable definitions of participation and other core concepts in this discipline. The workshop will be documented as a digital book and a roadmap of definitions, useful for future participatory initiatives. As a feminist and political practice, the session will bring together different forms of knowledge that are usually restricted from academic publishing, as memory, feelings, craft and body expression. Students with at least one experience in participatory projects are welcome to attend! We will held one session in English and another one in Spanish. You can learn more about the workshop in this video

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