«Art and quantum mechanics · Start of a project»

Jose Manuel Berenguer (Spain)

Art, like all thought, experienced a strong contagion of the new ideas contributed at the beginning of the twentieth century, but we are already far away from that moment, so I feel that we need an approach that transcends the previous history. A valuable contribution, from my point of view, of art to the perception of the approaches of quantum mechanics, more than the attempt to facilitate the understanding or the dissemination of concepts that resist any intuition, could consist in showing the way to the acceptance of the perplexity in which the realization that things are not as our limited capacities seem to require for us to continue trusting in them and therefore in ourselves.

Our evolution has configured us to do so, and therein lies part of the cause of our reluctance to accept anything that questions us, that questions our convictions; we are our convictions and from them arise, to a large extent, our productions. They also predetermine us in such a way that they both open up fields of action and limit us. Precisely, the dialectic between the intuitive and the non-intuitive has often led us beyond where we were.