"Embrace the stars"


DIRECTORS: Christopher Sánchez, Mario Cervantes COUNTRY: Spain LANGUAGE: Spanish YEAR: 2020 TIME: 8'.

Javier García Pajares is known for being the first deafblind student to enjoy an Erasmus scholarship. Thanks to this, he began to become an example of self-improvement and a reference in the field of disability. Not content with this, years later he embarked on the adventure of achieving the challenge of reaching increasingly demanding mountain peaks and experiencing new adventure sports with the help of his psychologist and friend José Antonio García. In this documentary we accompany Javier in a new adventure as we learn about his story of overcoming and reaffirming himself as a reference for many.

"Zen Summit"


DIRECTOR: Mike Raymond COUNTRY: Canada LANGUAGE: English YEAR: 2020 TIMING: 19'55"

Seven athletes embark on a spiritual yoga journey to the top of the world and into the depths of themselves. At 6000 m, the rarefied air is hard to bear. They will need to connect with the present moment to ensure that every breath counts. As they soar beyond a point where few will venture, they learn what it really means to reach the top.