Sebastian Jaimes Marin


Film and Television student at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, with studies at the Higher School of Arts in Cologne, Germany. He was director of the Equinoxio Film and Audiovisual Festival in 2019 and producer in 2018.

He worked as assistant programmer at 22 MIDBO during 2020. He has been invited to international film festivals, in countries such as Germany and Romania, to talk about the processes that lead university film festivals in Colombia. Winner of the IDARTES stimulus portfolio in 2018, 2020 and 2021 with audiovisual and cultural management projects.

His audiovisual works have been exhibited in art exhibitions and film festivals in Colombia and Germany.

His work in film and visual arts questions western ways of understanding time and approaching memory. Through experimentation with audiovisual and media languages, he proposes artistic experiences that make possible unaccustomed ways of inhabiting duration, seeking the reconnection of the human being with the infinite memory of existence.


Cinema (&) Digital: "Aphaeresis"