«1001 nights»

Anabela Costa (France)

The collective unconscious adopts certain myths. This is the reason why a world of popular stories/ tales populate the western imaginary with Aladdin, Scheherezade, Ali Ababa for example. Tales that are between representation and imaginary, colored environments, movements, flying objects, all bringing to the world the message that it should never stagnate, giving us the great lesson of the Dream.

Here, my interpretation through a macro look of stains, shapes, colors in movement that lead you to abstraction.

  • Date
    October 9, 2022

    "The soul of the peoples"

    Carlos Cruz (Colombia)

    El alma de los pueblos tells from different voices, the life experiences of those who have been part of the program throughout its history, from its beginnings to the present.
  • Date
    October 9, 2022

    "Sek Buy - Sun Ritual"

    William Cayapur Delgado (Colombia)

    Aurora, a restless and mischievous indigenous girl, begins a fantastic adventure, exploring her own culture with pride and joy, while discovering her identity.
  • Date
    October 9, 2022


    Laura Cabrera / Sira Cabrera (Spain)

    The video art "entrEEspecies" is a metaphorical contribution to biodiversity. Humans reject our own animal nature and are destroying animals and the habitability of the planet.