"La Parla Orgánica" Transmedia Cultural Narrative Proposal for the Organic and Community Markets of Cali

Andres Felipe Villegas Hidalgo / Juan Manuel Henao Bermúdez (Colombia) Table A – Persistences

La Parla Orgánica was conceived as a transmedia information system to promote conscious eating and healthy lifestyles based on the stories of producers and processors associated with two organic and community markets in Cali.

This has been done in a first phase through a process of creation research, through 4 moments: the first was the recognition of the two organic and community markets, the second was the identification of stories or talks, the third is related to the generation of a narrative idea and its prototyping, and finally, progress has been made in the socialization and validation with the communities involved in the development of the initiative.

It is expected that La Parla Orgánica will be the scenario for the articulation between creative and social disciplines and at the end of the process a transmedia narrative is projected that allows the recognition of the cultural value of these spaces and the contribution they make from organic food.

This will have an impact on the academic community, as well as on the community of producers and consumers of the two organic markets.