"Entities in the making"

Raul Niño Bernal – Iliana Hernández – García (Colombia) Table B – Hybridizations

The evolutionary computation of imaging technologies at the digital level exposes new scenarios in which it is important to explore the term of entities, since, as proposed by Yuval Harari [1], it is a becoming related to data processing.

In other words, entities in their evolution will be related to constant scientific changes in which events such as those of immaterial physics, quantum biology and the technological singularities that the metaverse is currently presenting us with, to cite an example of our evolution.

Thus, entities in their electronic becoming will be in permanent change and transformation which proposes us to explore various thermodynamic and cybernetic aspects. That said, this implication at the political level exposes challenges that can now be expressed in the homeostatic conditions of cognition that makes symbiogenesis [2] with artificial intelligence and artificial life.

The aforementioned exposes another situation that is analyzed as complementary to the ongoing technological developments in which human and non-human social ecosystems will be involved.