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Presented by: Andrés Gaona

"Kuisi Corvidae" is a stereophonic electroacoustic piece, inspired by the sound of the gaitas, aerophonic instruments, typical of the traditional music of the Colombian Caribbean coast, and that have their origin in the indigenous community "Kogui" of the "Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta", in Colombia. In the indigenous Kogui dialect, the word "kuisi" means "bagpipe". In the music of the Colombian Caribbean coast, "kuisi bunsi" is the female gaita, which is responsible for performing a melodic interpretative role, while the "kuisi sigi" or male gaita, plays a harmonic accompaniment role. The work proposes an approach between contemporary creation, the ancestral musical sounds of the Kogui Indians of Colombia, and the soundscape -with recordings of native birds of the department of Boyacá- as a creative, reflexive and aesthetic appreciation practice of the sonorous spaces. In the piece, the metaphor of the sound and metaphorical richness of the wind, as the vital impulse of the movement and energy of all living beings on earth, is the expression of the vital energy expressed through the gesture: inhalation-exhalation; in which we all participate in the deep breathing of the earth, and in which we all share the same air.