Ana Teresa Arciniegas Martinez (Colombia)

Yerberberito is a transmedia project that links art, science and technology, it seeks to promote the sustainable use of Colombian native medicinal plants promoting their conservation and biodiversity. The transmedia has 3 nodes: the first one; an interactive documentary (non-linear) in which through a polyphony of women's voices: scientists, plant traders in marketplaces, rural inhabitants and promoters of urban home gardens, tell the different uses of medicinal plants.

To the women characters in the documentary, this knowledge about plants has been transmitted through oral tradition for generations and they show the uses they give to medicinal plants in their daily lives to treat different ailments. In the second node the user enters a virtual museum or illustrated herbarium containing biological information on 13 native Colombian medicinal plants.

Finally, in the third node you can access an audiovisual installation that extends the immersive experience in the habitat of the plants and their natural environment through the recreation of soundscapes, photography and illustrations. The video installation offers the possibility of getting to know the ecosystem of the plants.