Claudia Robles-Angel / Germany – Colombia

WEB-MINDSCAPE is an interactive installation joining diverse aspects, such as social network, sound, brainwaves and visual elements. It creates an immersive audiovisual environment, which is site-specific, where sound is diffused in surround, and the visual elements consist of light produced through electroluminescent wires (EL wires). Visitors are invited to interact with the audiovisual environment (light and sound) by using an EEG interface, which reads their brain activity. Therefore, they are confronted to messages from a social network (in this case, Twitter).

The tweet messages are turned into audible sound, and the computer measures thereafter the cerebral activity of the visitors, and analyzes their emotional reactions to both the environment and the tweets, transforming this data into visual and audible signals, which reproduces how the inner of the subject is influenced by the outer environment and at the same time, having an impact on the installation's audiovisual environment.