Santiago Ríos Gómez 


VillaBotero, a 3D single player video game designed for computers, reinterprets historical and heritage sites in Medellín's commune 9, Buenos Aires, such as the Café Sol de Oriente, the Puente de la Toma and the Cristo del Salvador. The platform offers the player a playful experience to explore the urban memory of the territory and confront enemies that threaten the preservation of the heritage. By overcoming levels, texts, photographs and audios collected during the investigation are activated.

Its purpose is to promote its use in educational centers as a cultural dissemination tool for children, adolescents and young people. It offers an insight into history, architectural heritage and local culture, fostering a greater connection and appreciation for the urban environment. It invites players to reflect on the transformations of the landscape and their impact on the identity and history of the city.