W. Valbuena-Buitrago, A. Montoya-Carvajal, L. Pinzón

W. Valbuena-Buitrago, A. Montoya-Carvajal, L. Pinzón

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Luisa Fernanda Pinzon. BA in Education and Foreign Languages: Spanish, French and English. MA in Applied Linguistics for Language Teaching. (Distinction)

Teacher of Spanish as a foreign language in the UK with extensive knowledge in methodologies and didactics for second and foreign language teaching and learning.

Focused on promoting development of communicative competence by creating activities, materials and teaching resources to facilitate this process. Interested in learning vocabulary at beginner levels, especially in how meaning is conveyed in both formal and informal settings.

Experience in translation of academic papers and interpreting (Spanish-English). Worked as an interpreter for the National Health Service and Law Enforcement in the UK. Consultant of Oka Consultores SAS in processes of intercultural bilingual communication.

Andrea Montoya Carvajal. BA in Education and Design. Master's Degree in Social Studies.

Academic Consultant and Social Researcher with experience in educational and research projects with
children, teenagers and adults.

Interested in processes of social and educational transformation, collective creation and participatory design. Researcher of the Oka Investi-creadora group working on projects with a qualitative approach in education, social networks, social studies, virtual environments and participatory design.

Experience in adaptation and pedagogical and didactic design of educational contents, design of co-design and ludic co-creation experiences, design of curricula and learning environments, project formulation, quality control of digital educational resources.

Peer reviewer of research and development projects, both at a local and an international level. Online and face-to-face teacher of Research Methodologies at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Teaching of environmental projects, teacher trainer. E-learning project manager of knowledge areas, monitoring and assessing management and learning processes.

widman Said Valbuena. BA in Education and Design. Specialist in Design Pedagogy. Master's Degree in Habitat. PhD candidate in Design and Creation.

Director of the Oka Investi-Creator research group. Interested in researching creativity development, ludic co-creation, interculturality and education and participatory design. Social researcher, researcher
through design, consultant in research and qualitative methodologies.

Teacher of Design Methodologies and Research in Social Sciences, Communication, Education, Advertising, Marketing and Design at both, undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Teacher trainer in using ICT and Active Teaching Methodologies. Francisca Radke Foundation National Education Award.