Jean Michel Rolland (France)

"Upside-Down" is a series of five photo-video artworks that follow a similar basic rule: the photographs used are to the right at the beginning of the video and end upside down.
But what is important is what happens between these two moments: the colors migrate upside-down and downside-up at different speeds, leaving trails in their wake.

Those at the bottom meet those at the top towards the middle of the screen and their embrace constitutes the climax of the play (which lasts about thirty seconds in the middle of the videos).
It goes from figurative to abstract to return to figuration with displacement. The images are transformed into abstract paintings in movement to recover their original altered form.

«Upside-Down V» is a still life that I composed using my pantry.
Fruits and vegetables are arranged on a table with side lighting. As in the other videos in this series, the elements are compressed in the center of the frame before being rejected on the wrong side.