Gabriela Reyes – Jorge Flores


ÚMIDO [Wet] is a sonorous, corporal, visual and visceral performance that has the human being as its main theme. From the study of the contemporary body involved with the so-called Digital Humanity, we seek to explore the potential of the physical body, the body of the image and
the body of sound through technological mediation. The body is presented in dialogue with the city, with the other, with itself. Body heard in the soundscape of the city and its organic sounds. Body seen as a person and as a cell. The body was felt as a subject and as a political body.

This artistic proposal is organized as a system where everything and everyone is part of that medium, and therefore rejects the scenic division
of who observes with whom does it. "Húmedo" proposes a moment of listening, synesthesia and shared presence, in which the artists involved serve as conductors of a sensitive experience. We had the first presentation in December 2017 as a work progress and our proposal is to present the premiere at the Festival de La Imagem. The final presentation will have 3 specific parts: 1) soundscapes, 2) body and image, 3) interactivity.