Pompeya Gareca & Iván Verdugo (Chili)

The work consists of the exhibition of poems that inhabit the wi-fi networks, and can be read by entering the wi-fi configuration of the cell phone. A device capable of creating wi-fi points of various configurable names is programmed to create as many networks as verses, and through the ASCII code are ordered to appear as a text that lives in the air, and can be decoded with a tool that we use on a daily basis.

The support of the poem are the various networks, making a change of purpose of these and using them in a creative way. Uará is a collective that constantly experiments with the use of technologies in the service of art, and this work belongs to a series around hacking as an artistic support.

They also have several works such as poems made on hacked cameras, self-developed light costumes, and a live transmedia show with poetry, visuals, music, and light.