Jorge Luis Bandera Martinez & D.A. Restrepo-Quevedo (Colombia)

The deforestation that the planet is currently experiencing, particularly in Colombia, shows really worrying figures for the reality of the planet, and of course, for our quality of life on it. According to the Institute of Hydrology, Meteorology and Environmental Studies, IDEAM (2017), we have lost more than 170,000 hectares of trees in the country's natural forest territories.

This work aims to build reflection, pedagogy and interaction on the human impact on the natural forest, for which we build an immersive interface that puts in crisis the presence of individuals in the space, that when entering the forest produce TRACES of modification, transformation or damage to the natural environment.

The development is realized with two joint processes mediated by video and audio, as well as the sensory experience of space through corporeal exploration generated by the movement of the body and its relationship with space, which is enhanced by physical perceptual effects such as artificial smoke or wind.

The spaces to be discovered can be switched by regions of the country where, through the tests, it is possible to identify how the human footprint has increased the environmental crisis, reflecting it in birds or in water quality.