Topologies: Artist Talk by Johnny DiBlasi

Topologies: Artist Talk by Johnny DiBlasi

johnny diblasi
Department of Art & Design, University of Indianapolis

Johnny DiBlasi's hybrid creative practice sits at the intersection of art, science and technology. Through his works DiBlasi explores how networks of data can generate interactive, aesthetic experiences of local ecosystems. He uses sensors and the wireless network to explore site-specific data and infrastructures to create a media architecture that reveals the interface and sets up an alternative experience of a landscape.

DiBlasi will give an artist talk that covers his practice and past works that use data to create immersive experiences. He will discuss past projects array and topologies, as well as current projects. Array is an interactive audio video installation made up of fifty LCD video monitors hung from the gallery ceiling facing downward. Textual data from the current news cycle as well as visitors' movements drive the audio and visual output.

topologies, is a site-specific installation that functions as an architectural extension and an expression of the space's invisible electronic infrastructure. Real time data alters the topological structure of a shifting grid suspended overhead that spans the entire space. DiBlasi's works seek to understand space as a medium and how we understand a place itself in terms of physical form and electronic information.