“TONGA Centro interactivo Cartagena de Indias Colombia”

“TONGA Centro interactivo Cartagena de Indias Colombia”

Sebastián López Ospina (Colombia)

Fundación Universitaria Los Libertadores – Sede Cartagena

The purpose of this research was to propose the need to create an interactive (digital) center oriented to the learning of science and technology in the city of Cartagena.

The project's intention to make use of concepts such as interactivity and "hypermedia" lies in promoting experiential learning that over time leaves emotional, affective and cognitive traces, allowing citizens to relate the importance of their territory, their role as citizens and democratic access to scientific knowledge.

For this reason, the "roblox" platform was used as a medium that recreates the experience of the center, the design thinking for the organization of the project, and the digital experience as a concept that brings together the fields described, within an embodied cognition approach.

This project concludes with the importance of approaching students in design training with problems found within the science + design link, which leads to see the impact of "research-creation" within the public policy of social appropriation of scientific knowledge, linked to problems identified in specific territory.