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Todo es culpa de la sal

Todo es culpa de la sal

Colombia / 10 min / Animation / 2020

DIRECTOR: María Cristina Pérez / PRODUCTION COMPANY: Pez Dorado / PRODUCER: Mauricio Cuervo / SCRIPT: María Cristina Pérez / ANIMATION: María Cristina Pérez / ART DIRECTER: Sandra Bustos Guzmán / SOUND DESIGN: Daniel Jones Cozzarelli / MONTAGE: Mauricio Cuervo / COLORIZATION: José David Moreno / MUSIC: Daniel Jones Cozzarelli 

"Behind the humanness of a normal family, the wild spirit peeks out in the details of everyday life that become indomitable in the memory".

Todo es Culpa de la Sal is a sympathetic and questioning look at the excesses, absences and responsibilities of the members of a family of lazy bears that, with sweet humor, focuses on each member, but especially on the archetype of the caregiver, the mother, and her way of preserving the family union. The eldest daughter will be in charge of reconstructing the family memories.This animated work makes use of carefully illustrated archival images to explore the margins of fictional narratives, the video essay and the mockumentary to create an intimate account of a family marked by love, morals and vices.