The Doors: May the horse live in me (2011)

May the horse live in me (2011)

*Golden Nica Award. Telefonica Award.

In May the horse live in me they develop an experiment that includes the application of clinical techniques in the body of the artist to help reveal the essence of communication between species. Art Orienté Object spent years linked to the scientific/medical system that was investigating the possibility of curing autoimmune diseases through the use of immunoglobulins as therapeutic "souvenirs". Over the course of several months, Laval-Jeannet received injections of certain immunoglobulins from horse tissue and developed a tolerance to these antibodies from foreign blood. Due to the acquired tolerance, the artist received one last injection in front of the public in February 2011, during a performance held at the Kapelica Gallery in Ljubljana. The horse plasma was able to enter her bloodstream and combine with her own blood without causing her any harm, after which the artist climbed on stilts similar to horse legs to conclude the ritual of bonding with the horse.