TERA PASEJO | Apus Ensemble


Alejandra Buitrago Michel Boizot

France - Colombia

"Tera pasejo", which means the passage of the earth in Esperanto, is inspired by "Geo- poiesis", the theme of the 2024 edition of the International Image Festival. The Apus ensemble will collaborate with visual artists Daniela Prost (Mexico) and Alain Longuet (France) and composers Alice Ping Yee Ho (Canada - Hong Kong) and Nicolas Vérin (France), to create together a new soundscape.


This collaborative project understands all artistic expressions as tools capable of evoking emotions and awakening the imagination, of transporting us to specific places and moments, but also to utopian spaces. It is a means to celebrate and honor the beauty and connection we can have with the natural environment we inhabit.


This soundscape is built on the idea of a dreamlike existence that goes in two poles, reality and dreams, what is perceived and what is not, what is heard and what is seen?


Length: 20 minutes


  1. “Tera Pasejo” for two alto flutes and tape

Compositora: Alice Ping Yee Ho (Canada – Hong Kong)

Video: Daniela Prost (Mexico)


  1. "Femme de glace" for two alto recorders 

Composer: Nicolas Vérin (France)

Video: Alain Longuet (France)


Performers: Alejandra Buitrago and Michel Boizot


"Femme de glace" is inspired by the story of Ada Blackjack, an Inupiat woman and sole survivor of an expedition to Siberian Wrangel Island in 1921. The music describes the perilous journey this young woman endured in the untamed Arctic. The colorful combination of the flute duo and the work of visual artist Daniela Prost, recall vast haunting landscapes where fear, loneliness, hope and courage intermingle in a supreme place of depth with enormous reverberations.


Nicolas Vérin's work for two flutes in G and electronics, "Tera pasejo", is based on the idea of musical trajectories revolving around the earth as seen from a satellite. The images of the visual artist Alain Longuet add a fantastic, meditative and contemplative character by following the incessant movement and speed of the slow, ascending and descending trajectories that accelerate with rapid variations.