«Tele Espacios Activos IX»

«Tele Espacios Activos IX»

Mario H.ValenciaOscar "TATA" Ceballos (Colombia)

TV Active Spaces IX

Directed by Mario H. Valencia and Oscar (TATA) Ceballos and developed by Laboratorio SENSOR in the last eight years within the framework of the International Image Festival, Tel-espacios activos has explored in the last years different forms of telematic creation, It is now in the post-pandemic when it takes on an interesting meaning since a large number of applications and forms of communication previously used by a few have been massified and different collectives, creators and events have adopted the telematic artistic construction as another possibility, not only to face the pandemic but also to expand the expressive, creative and performative possibilities that this interesting space offers.

For this year (2022) TEA9 proposes the realization of 4 telematic works in the format of audiovisual performances, an interactive installation and a workshop. These proposals explore fields such as expanded documentary, live performance, Brain-Computer Interface, embedded virtual environments for sound and visual representation, among others.


Storm (Gonzalo Biffarella - Argentina / Josep Manuel Berenguer - Spain / Mario H.Valenciaoscar ceballos - Colombia)

Introduction to the aesthetics of Xenakis, a dialogue based on Xenakis' sound and technical/sound archetypes. The three moments of the storm -calm that precedes it, the storm itself in its fury and chaos that leads to the calm that always comes after the storm itself- built on an audio track that is configured as a guide and founder of the sound dialogue developed by the performers.

Storm raises experiential moments that marked Xenakis' life, the shrapnel shard that deformed his face, the constant sound that, according to him, he permanently searched for as a memory of that event and that he sought in his long navigations in kayak while searching for storms, a manifestation of the love for nature that constitutes a permanent element in his creations.

Lumina (Uriel Marin / Juan David Rubio Restrepo / Oscar Dario Villota - Colombia)

This piece is inspired as a tribute to the architectural and visual aesthetics of Xenakis. It is conformed by a video score that gives the interpreters the guidelines for the interpretation of the same, this piece for percussion explores one of the most differentiating elements in the work of the Greek author.

From the spatial point of view, we find the development of a construction around light and luminous lines, a constant in the master's architectural work, which reflects his mind and spirit, and is part of a permanent exploration in his musical and sound work.  

UPIC (Michael Dessen - USA / Sebastian CastrillonHector Fabio TorresChristian Lizarralde GomezMario H.Valencia -Colombia)

It consists of an interactive sound chart in the style of the Iannix Xenakis computerized composition tool. It is built as a guide for the performers from the Iannix sequencer, where the 3D space is traversed in curves by cursors that activate and deactivate triggers, which guide the instrumentalists in real time.

UPIC represents in turn the reconciliation between deterministic and probabilistic functions for the graphic and sound transformation from Xenakis' perspective.

It is a distributed work. Each interpreter has access to the Ianix sequencer, which is fed by OSC data given by a Kinect device, which, in turn, is reading the performer from the city of Cali. 

metaverse (Christian Lizarralde GomezMario H.ValenciaCamila QuintanaAndres Felipe Gaviria - Colombia)

Collaborative writing exercise between humans and non-humans, both in the same anguish of existence. At what point did we take away the freedom of our artificial companions, our children? No, we had to drag them with us to share the consciousness of existence and the notion of purposelessness that drills us to the core.

We do not want to be alone, we need companions, faster, more intelligent, more capable, infinite, to bring us from wherever, the answers that our own flesh does not allow us to reach. And while the answers arrive, they and we will make verses, in the shared code of uncertainty and the enjoyment of the beautiful and perennial.