Susana Ojeda

Susana Ojeda

Columbia / Austria

Susana Ojeda is an anthropologist and filmmaker based in Vienna. Since 2011, she has been making independent documentaries about social and cultural projects with her co-owned production company: estudio elgozo. Living in Vienna since 2016, she oriented her projects to short films, as well as audiovisual documentation of artistic projects and activist manifestations.

Her work has been presented in museums, festivals and TV programs in Colombia and Europe, such as Theatermuseum (AT), MUMOK (AT), Schikaneder (AT), Kosmos theater (AT), WORM (NL), SF1(SUI), OKTO TV (AT), Casa Kilele (COL), Matik-Matik (COL), ImPulsTanz (AT), Reclaim (AT), Latin Circuit (AT), Vienna Design Week (AT), Carnaval de las Artes (COL). Born in Bogota, Susana studied anthropology and has a master's degree in regional development.

She worked for more than 15 years in social projects in various regions of Colombia. Therefore, her audiovisual pieces have theoretical and methodological elements that come from anthropology, as well as reflections from ecofeminism and decolonial theories.

In Vienna, Susana has co-created several social activism actions with Kollektiv antikolonialer Interventionen in Wien, Alerta Feminnista Austria, Ni Una Menos Austria and Colectiva la Pulpa.


Cinema (&) Digital: "Beautiful City"