Stephanie Castonguay

Stephanie Castonguay


Povera Electronics

It is listening to the electromagnetic field of discarded electronic devices, such as small fans, toys bent on circuit, a ready-to-use scanner head. Through the phenomenon of induction, it is possible to amplify the sound of electrical currents, revealing hidden resonances, impulses, and glitches, otherwise inaudible.

Driven by experimentation, Castonguay investigates electronic audio circuitry as a physical process and a phenomenon that leaves a palpable and audible trace. His approach to sound and DIY electronics is playful, practical, and organic: he disassembles and repurposes small, outdated, barely audible machines to reveal the unexpectedly hidden resonance, glitches, and random sounds within. His work has been presented in Montreal and abroad, such as the Montreal International Festival / Nouvelles Musiques, Biennale Internationale d'Art Numérique, Perte de Signal, Eastern Bloc, Fondation Molinari, Center Fokal (HT), STEIM (NL). He has performed at various festivals such as Sight & Sound, PirateBlocRadio, Ibrida Pluri, Printemps Numériques, Metarythmes, Instruments Make Play (NL), Code d'Accès, Tsonami Sound Art Festival (CL), MUTEK, Espacio Fundación Telefónica (PE) Lux.