OTRUS EXTRAVIADUS parallel chaosmosis

Presented by: Other Strays

We are Otrus Extraviadus, a collective of artists from Bogotá, Colombia. We created a parallel world/virtual gallery with 7 dimensions, inhabited by 7 characters that we like to call monster machines that were intuitively born thanks to collective on-line conspiracies and offline. We created a 3D virtual alternate world and myth with Planetary Interactions to address problems about life itself, which includes the uncanny, the indescribable and post-human forms of disposing in the world.

Each character opens space for questions that embrace the body and its infinite porosities and multiplicities, we incorporate aesthetics such as the kitch, the cybrog, the UFO, the sacred and the profane. to allow us to mutate our forms and take notions of identity to the extreme. Thanks to the pandemic, we decided to explore net art and pixels as a plastic matter that allows for alterations in body biodesign, under questions such as: How to build virtually possible worlds? What is the particularity that code and the internet offers us from the global south (Latin America)? How do we bet on another way of inhabiting the world, our own body and the collective, concepts that are becoming increasingly blurred?