Colombia / Ecuador

2019 – 15 min.– Digital


Language / Language n/a | Director Andres Davila Argoty | Producer / Producer Andres Davila Argoty | research Andres Davila Argoty  | Editor Andres Davila Argoty | Photography diego falconi | Cast / Cast Ana Ludy Pérez, Pablo Chindoy and Donald Moncayo


Inspired by the name of a Texas oil town, Sour Lake was the name given by Texaco in the 1960s to a small town recast in the Ecuadorian jungle, known in Spanish as Lago Agrio. This name underlies the framework that the film builds: from the surroundings of this city to the Colombian Andes, where the jungle vegetation merges with the mountains. These geographical locations, interrelated with each other for centuries, are crossed by numerous economic, ecological, political and territorial problems. Portraits in movement integrate a last question about the relationship of these territories with the bodies that inhabit it.