Sound of Valar

Sound of Valar

Miguel Antonio Contreras Hincapie


Sonority as a corporeal element underlies an infinity of realities, conjectures, transmutations, and transfigurations. The elementality of the voice and its repercussion as an entity of wonder, is embodied in the oratory of historical narratives that enrich and eventually allow the subversion of reality. However, this has been obfuscated by the misuse of the tool of electronics.

Systematism, and the use of repetitive forms have impeded the growth of sonority regardless of its source. They have forgotten the importance of noise and silence, to promote "bits" and accelerations that do not allow the contemplation of the listener as an active agent in the creation of sound.

What underlies the essence of sonority? Transfiguration. What prevails in the face of anguish? Silence. Are we noise or silence? We are sonority. Being Sound Beings, we proclaim our vision in the face of the decadence of electronics as a solution and not as a tool.