sophie kahn

Tuesday, May 25th 16:50 pm - 17:30 pm


Sophie has been exploring 3D printing for many years, scanning bodies and converting them to digital space. Working with 3D laser scanners, she has been focusing on the movement of the body, dance and in particular the tradition of Christian funerary sculptures that abound in cemeteries, figures that attempt to fly and show the lightness of the human body when it becomes ethereal. Due to the crisis created by Covid, the 3D sculpture exhibition that the artist had been working on for quite some time was cancelled at the last minute, which forced the artist to rethink the exhibition model. After collaborating with artist Claudia Hart, who was her teacher, Sophie decided to create an exhibition space at Mozilla Hubs where she presented the show along with a live contemporary dance performance within the space. The virtual exhibition takes the viewer into scenarios ranging from a replica of a real gallery to a series of imaginary museum spaces, where monumental sculptures emerge from the darkness and float above the viewer. It is part of the Hyphen Hub network where it has exhibited at New York Creative Tech Week, which was co-created by Hyphen Hub. 

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