soliman lopez

soliman lopez


Solimán López, born in Burgos, Spain in 1981, develops his artistic production between his studio in Paris, France (UAS, Updated Art Studio) and ESAT LAB, Innovation department he directs at ESAT, Escuela Superior de Arte y Tecnología de Valencia, Spain. His training as an art historian and master's degree in Art and Communication have conditioned his artistic evolution towards what we could call conceptual technological art.

His work with the meaning and nature of digital files, as shown in pieces such as Harddiskmuseum, an art museum on a hard disk, Framed Memory Card, Host-in, Langpath or File Genesis, or more recent works in which virtual and analog worlds are connected through photogrammetry as in High Meshes, are examples of his interest in the human presence and its incidence in this era of communication and digitalization.

In line with this rupture of the two frontiers are pieces like GRID, an audiovisual symphony modulated in real time by the wifi signal of nearby devices, Celeste that connects the digitized skies of different places in the world also in real time or Bioma, a sculpture that creates digital abstractions through biometric data from its surroundings.