Sofía Garrido & Felipe Prado


Sofía Garrido - With a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Paris and a degree as an Integral Designer from the Universidad Católica de Chile, Sofía has developed her work around a wide range of disciplines: from graphic design, editorial design, brand identity to art direction, curatorship and photography. Her creative practice has always been marked by graphic experimentation, while her line of research is oriented towards post-digital culture and new media. Much of her work interweaves design, art and collaborative practices.   

Felipe Prado - Chilean multidisciplinary artist and director who works primarily in music visualization and post-photographic experimentation. He creates multimedia and video installations, visuals for live performances, music videos, full visual identities and light installations that often include an element of audience participation. Notable works include "Picto Sender Machine", a large installation for the Amsterdam Light Festival (2018 -19) which was later exhibited in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Belgium and the UK.

With the support of the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage of Chile and the Directorate of Cultural Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Chile.


Exhibitions: Confesionario Público