Joseph David Cuartas (Colombia)

This interactive installation seeks to demonstrate an experimental Natural Programming Interface with which programming code can be generated by simply moving the body and giving some voice commands. This interactive installation is the beginning of the second phase in the development of the meta programming language called: "Simple".

This is a language developed for non-programmers that allows writing programming code using instructions in Spanish and not in English like most languages. It is licensed as free software and is being developed since the year 2021 inside the station 5 of the Inmedia laboratory, at the Universidad del Valle, Cali, Colombia.

The SIMPLE INPUT interactive installation seeks to apply the concepts of direct manipulation and tangible interfaces, so that people without any programming knowledge can create code to generate computer graphics. The objective is that both the visual forms and the computer code corresponding to each form can be seen at the same time.
SIMPLE INPUT's proposal can be considered as a live coding experience for non-programmers, offering an immersive Fluxus-like art experience.