Silvia De Gennaro

Silvia De Gennaro


Silvia De Gennaro lives and works in Rome, Italy.

Since 1999 she has been a founding member of the Assaus art studio.

For twenty years she has been dedicated to digital art, video art and animation. Her works have participated in several video art exhibitions and film festivals around the world, such as: Bnl Media Art Festival (IT); Video Formes (FR); Current New Media (U.S.A); F.I.L.E. (BRA); Visionaria (IT); Madatac (ES); Invideo (IT); Magmart (IT); Athens Video Art Festival (GR); Brooklyn Film Festival (U.S.A); ECU (FR); Interfilm Berlino (D); Nastri d'Argento (IT)".


Cinema (&) Digital: “Cairo”