Shannon McMullen – Fabian Winkler

Shannon McMullen (PhD) – Fabian Winkler (MFA)

United States

They are interdisciplinary artists and researchers working together as McMullen_Winkler. They combine their training in new media art and cultural studies to collaboratively produce works of art at the intersection of nature and technology, through a creative and investigative practice they define as critical gardening. His unconventional gardens are places with expressive and conceptual qualities. As evocative installations, they offer new visual metaphors that build spaces to narrate, debate and act on ideas of future natures. His work has been exhibited internationally at places such as the Ars Electronica Festival Garden in New York, the National Museum of China in Beijing, the Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival (Netherlands), the Science Gallery in Dublin (Ireland), the Art Center Nabi in Seoul (Korea) and the ZKM Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe (Germany). Shannon McMullen is Professor of Art and Design and American Studies at Purdue University. Fabian Winkler is a professor of Art and Design. They both teach at the Patti and Rusty Rueff School of Design, Arts and Performance at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, United States, where they co-direct the area of Electronic and Time-Based Art.