Sebastian Gonzales


Visual designer, VJ and electronic artist with emphasis on interactive, transmedia, experiential and audiovisual design.

The design and construction of interactive video installations is one of his main interests given the technical and conceptual possibilities they represent. His professional experience is consolidated in institutions such as El Parque Explora, HUB de Innovación del Perpetuo Socorro Medellín, El Festival Internacional de la Imagen, Estratosfera Colectivo de Diseño, Vivelab Manizales, Autobotika and Aleph Experimental. 

In 2019 participates in Suratómica artistic residency at CERN (European Laboratory for Elementary Particle Physics), the Suratómica Residency is the first program in Colombia that connects local creatives with the [email protected] program of the CMS Experiment of CERN and the experiments of the ORIGIN network. This has had a great impact on the opening of knowledge for artistic creation, not only for the participating group, but also for an artistic and scientific community that now sees more possibilities and spaces for their research processes.

With the support of Banco de la República


Soundscapes: “Piel de Bahareque”