Sarah Brucker

Sarah Brucker

Resistances Films

Sara Brucker is a documentary producer. After a doctorate in international law in Paris, Sara Brucker created her own production company in 2002, Résistance Films, in which she mainly produces television documentaries and digital content. Today, Sara Brucker works for both Résistance Films and Temps Noir, a production company she joined in 2010.

It produces documentaries that touch on various fields such as art and culture. “Writers, 20 years of graffiti in Paris”, “Antifa, skinhead hunters”, “Tattoos” by Marc-Aurèle Vecchione, or History “No Gods No Masters, a history of anarchism” by Tancrede Ramonet.

Attracted by the new forms of production led by the Internet, Sara Brucker has also developed a digital project, from an interactive fiction "WEI or DIE" by Simon Bouisson and Olivier Demangel, to a mobile application "Beatbox maker" by Florent Maurin, and series digital as «BBOYS» or «Capturing a Culture», both directed by Marc-Aurèle Vecchione.