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Sandra Díaz

Sandra Díaz


Master in Plastic Arts - Universidad de Caldas. Colombia. Second year student of Master in Combined Artistic Languages-Universidad Nacional de las Artes. Argentina. 

Involves in her creative process the concept of Bioart, a disciplinary relationship that takes areas of Art, Biology and New technologies. Incorporating ideas derived from the sciences and from natural and biological processes into her artistic practice. Her interests are directed towards processes of material transformation. She investigates their characteristics and behaviors under environmental conditions, supported by creative practices and material research used in sustainable design. She is currently working on processes for the elaboration of biopolymers, vegan leather and bio textiles obtained from mineral sources. Also from renewable sources, local plants and trees, from agricultural waste. Resignifying them with the aim of creating a circular economy that reduces the impact on the environment. She is in the process of research-creation of biotextile from coca leaf and marijuana, and elaboration of cultivated bacterial cellulose.